Whatever is true...

You shall therefore lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. Deuteronomy 11:18

I'm excited to finally be sharing about these little cards and inviting you all into a new project I am doing. 

This is a set of fifteen bible verses that I picked out with your heart in mind! Mothering is the hardest job I know of, and for most women it comes with a fair share of self doubt, insecurity and worry. There is something about raising these tiny little humans that, at times, has stripped almost all of my rational and confidence right from me. When my oldest was little I worried that if he napped in his baby swing I'd be forced to buy a hammock for him as a teenager because surely, like the books said, he would never sleep in his crib or in a bed. Looking back I recognize how crazy that thought was but I was worried and insecure about my abilities as a mother. Fast forward a few years and another baby and I would like to think I'm a little more secure and even somewhat rational again…. well, about most things. I am still fairly irrational when it comes to germs. Sickness coming into our home tends to ruffle my feathers pretty easily and takes me from being totally normal to a Lysol-ing lunatic pretty quickly. 

Last December, the week of Christmas, while I was 8.5 months pregnant my husband text me from the urgent care to say he had the flu. Before I was even done reading the text I was Lysol-ing every surface of our entire home. And as I did it…. I cried. Weeping might be a more accurate term. I was sure that we would all get the flu, miss Christmas and I'd end up in labor or something. See what I mean… motherhood has clearly stripped me of the ability to be rational at all times. 

Chances are you don't worry about the stomach bug as much as I do, but you still battle the worries of today and tomorrow. Life is hard and it is incredibly easy to let our hearts and minds be filled with the things of this world instead of the things that comfort our souls and give us hope for the long days of mothering. I haven't mastered the ability to not worry. I'm not sure I ever will. What I have learned is that God tells us in Philippians 4:8 to focus on truth. So on days that I'm worried, feeling short tempered or bothered instead of blessed by my children I must turn to God's word. It is there that I can be reminded of what God thinks of me, who he wants me to be and what He has given me. 

And that is why I designed these cards, along with a gentle nudge from a sweet friend who thought other women might want something like this too. These cards are designed to be slipped into your bible, taped up to your mirror, hung on your fridge or all kept together on a little metal ring. Their purpose is to put beautiful truth in front of you consistently. They're adorable, small and full of God's truth. Each card has a verse on one side and a blank area on the back where you can write your own memory verse, what you're learning or names of people you want to pray that verse for. Make them yours!

Starting in January I will be memorizing one verse a week from this set. I'd love to invite you to do it with me. I'll be announcing the verse each week on Instagram (@themommytribe) and blogging about what that verse means for me in this season. I'll be asking other women on this journey to share on my blog as well. I believe it will be a rich experience for all of us as we choose to tuck God's truth deep within our hearts. I am looking forward to seeing how it helps me love my husband, shepherd my children and know Jesus more. So, would you join me in January? Invite your friends to join because... it takes a village. 

You can get your own set of cards here. Purchasing the set of cards is absolutely not necessary to join in since I will be announcing the verse each week. I'm a visual learner so I need this…. it also helps that they're just cute!

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