Week 1: 2 Timothy 1:14

It's the first Monday of 2016, so happy {unofficial} New Year.

This is the time of year that most people make goals, resolutions, lists and plans. Am I the only person in the world that knows as I'm writing things down that there is a good chance I won't remember the resolutions come February? I like to plan…. but not really commit. (It's one of my many flaws that I'll be working on until I make it to Heaven) So making a list is easy. I'll do it right now…

- Commit to be in the word every morning
- Be up before the little people so I can be showered and read before preschool drop off
- Work out 5x a week for 30 minutes
- Eat out less
- Bible time with Greyson every night
- Develop a plan for family worship
- Fold all laundry as soon as its done drying
- Put all laundry away immediately

And although I honestly (like, really really) plan to execute these things in my life this year (I even started some before today… but lets not talk about all the clean laundry in the loft calling my name) I know that my main goal for 2016 should be to know Jesus more. Thats where I'm committing my energy and focus. That means I'll be in His Word, studying His Truth. I will spend time praying and listening for His guidance in my life. I will trust Him no matter what comes over the next 361 days (remember, we're already four days in!)

So here's my official list for 2016:

- To know Jesus more

I'm confident that from that one goal will flow so many other good things. I will understand the calling of a wife and be able to love my husband well through the good times and bad. I will be better equipped to shepherd my children and show them grace, knowing the grace that God has already extended to me. I'm not 100% sure its going to make getting my laundry done any easier… but I'll let you know how that one goes!

So why do I tell you all of that? Because this weeks verse is part of the reason I've decided on that list. Paul tells us to guard the good thing we've been entrusted with. Here he is referring to the Gospel… the the Truth we've been given. To be entrusted with something means to be charged with a specific duty or responsibility and as I read this verse the charge to know, understand and protect the Gospel in our lives seems clear. So what am I doing to protect the Truth that God has entrusted to me? Am I consistently in the word to experience more truth or am I letting the world define what truth is for me?

Immediately when reading that verse it makes me think of all the other things God has sweetly entrusted to me. Marriage. Children. Relationships. Personal ministry.

What am I doing to guard those very things I've been entrusted with? It's a weighty question and one that can send me into a panic of list and resolution making like the first one I made above. There will always be a ton of things we can improve on, right? We'll always be able to strive for more because none of us are perfect. But how about this…. what if we all decide to simply know Jesus more. What if we spent some of our time on that and see how the rest plays out.

And… well… lets fold our laundry too!

I'm really excited you've decided to join the tribe in memorizing a piece of scripture each week! This is week 1 of 15. Each Monday I'll post the new verse with a few things that God has shown me. While I don't claim to be a theologian, I will always strive to be true to God's word. I encourage you to invite a friend to join you so that you can encourage and challenge one another to memorize each verse and  share with each other what you feel like God has taught you through it. I would LOVE for you to comment here sharing what God has shown you as you work hard to tuck His Truth into your heart and mind! Remember to follow @themommytribe on Instagram for more encouragement (and some humor) throughout the week! If you want to have your own set of scripture cards they are available here

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