Teacher Appreciation Printable

If you're like me, you send your little one off to spend a portion of their day with someone else. That person is responsible for loving, instructing and caring for my little ones when I'm not there. I will never forget the first day I dropped Greyson off at pre-school. He was four and it was his first time in school. I've left him hundreds of times at church nurseries and with friends or family but it felt wrong to drive away leaving him with, at the time, strangers. All the women I had met at the school had been nothing but wonderful and kind but leaving a piece of my heart in their care felt unnatural.

Fast forward several months and I have fallen in love with his school, the staff and most importantly his teacher. She's darling and incredibly brave to spend her day with 4 and 5 year olds. Honestly, how do teachers do it? Did you know its teacher appreciation week? It kind of snuck up on me…. maybe it did for you too? We dropped off Dunkin Donuts for all the teachers today with a note that said (And when I say note…. I mean I wrote on the box with a Sharpie…. I told you it snuck up on me!!) "We DONUT know what we would do without you!"

If you're looking for something simple and sweet for your little one to take in to show his teacher how much he or she cares, use this printable. Simply click the link, download, print and ask your little ones the questions and fill them in. Hand them some crayons and let them make it "beautiful."

Enjoy…. and make sure those teachers know just how much you appreciate them loving on your littles!

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